Nothing says Mediterranean cuisine like Sarubbi’s Spaghettoni. The long, thick, and rough-textured noodle is ideal for flavorful recipes and succulent sauces and condiments.

You can enjoy this bronze-drawn type of pasta hot and cold with a large variety of meat- and vegetable-based sauces.

More importantly, you can get creative as the flavors blend beautifully with the 100% durum wheat flour.

They look like traditional spaghetti. But our Spaghettoni are longer and more dense for you to fully savor the chunkier sauces as well.


Our linguine consists of flat, narrow strands of noodles made of 100% Italian durum wheat flour.

As such, they are perfect for elaborate dishes that involve delicate cream-based sauces, seafood, and pesto sauce.
Appreciated by most chefs, Pasta Sarubbi’s linguine allows for cooking typical recipes of the northern parts of Italy.

Nonetheless, they add the artisan mastery of the best Neapolitan pasta makers.
Use this type of pasta to prepare refined delicacies for your guests.

Or for more fragrant everyday meals.


Pasta Sarubbi’s bucatini are slow-dried, bronze-drawn noodle that looks like thick spaghetti. But their round appearance hides a hole in each hollow center.
With tomato sauce and bacon, this pasta takes on a unique flavor that makes it to best for exquisite yet simple first courses.

Plus, the rough texture ensures extra sauce retention.
Our extruders shape each pasta thread without error.

So, you can enjoy an unparalleled cooking quality and improved dipping in your favorite condiment for al dente masterpieces.


Orecchiette embodies Puglia’s traditions (southern Italian region.) Pasta Sarubbi chooses only the best durum wheat flour and the purest water as ingredients for this type of pasta.
Plus, the peculiar shape of each pasta piece resembles an ear, thus the traditional name. They soak up sticky sauces and go well with broccoli and chunkier condiments.
Please, cook the bronze-drawn orecchiette according to the instructions on the package for the best results. Then, try pairing them with cauliflower, roasted tomatoes, or cheese sauce.

Penne Rigate

This thick tube-shaped pasta is characterized by ridges that help to retain chunky sauces. Pasta Sarubbi’s Penne Rigate are versatile for most recipes that include mushrooms, tomatoes, chili peppers, and cream-based sauces.
If you want to taste a delicious casserole, make sure to cook our slow-dried, bronze-drawn pasta until al dente.

After that, you will surely anticipate all the succulent flavors as you cut into the perfectly retained shape of the inner layers.

For this type of pasta, the slow drying process and a long resting period ensure the highest quality and a fragrant aroma.


Most Italians think of Rigatoni as the ultimate pasta for ragout and meat sauces in general.

Plus, the unmistakable short shape with ridges all around each pasta piece enhances the other recipe ingredients from both an aesthetic and a culinary point of view.

Pasta Sarubbi’s bronze-drawn Rigatoni are suitable for baking pasta and preparing regional specialties such as Rigatoni alla romana.

Even today, we still follow the same family traditions that made our artisan pasta so popular and well-known around the world.


Pasta Sarubbi’s Elicoidali are tubular in shape and they resemble part of a helix, as the name implies.

Thanks to the curved and rough texture, this type of pasta is ideal for baking casseroles and making macaroni recipes like macaroni and cheese.
Cooked elicoidali will satisfy all your pasta cravings.

Even if you are out of other types of pasta such as penne rigate or rigatoni. In fact, they are the perfect alternative for replacing other varieties as well.
We use a special bronze die extrusion process to obtain thick pieces.

In this way, your favorite sauce can enter and wrap each elicoidale more easily.


Treccioni consists of spiral strands of pasta that increase the capacity of each piece to capture and absorb distinct flavors.

Simply put, this type of pasta fills your mouth with juicy condiments and sauces.
Since the old times, the slow drying process at low temperatures makes sure that Pasta Sarubbi’s Treccioni maintain an elastic and strong shape when ready. That and the bronze drawing ensure high-quality, porous pasta.

Enjoy the swirly shape to explore new feel-good recipes. Plus, no seasoning will slide off this type of pasta for a better taste experience.

Fusilli siciliani

Have fun pasta and enjoy Pasta Sarubbi’s Sicilian fusilli. After all, the porous and chalky texture of this type of pasta is about as authentic as traditional artisan pasta as you can get.
The Fusilli’s corkscrew shape is among the most popular pasta varieties. Plus, you can use them to prepare pasta salads and easy comfort food recipes.

On top of that, typical recipes with fusilli include pasta with salmon and peas or tuna and broccoli.

Sarubbi uses 100% Italian durum wheat only, as it retains all the nutrients and vitamins for an excellent taste experience.

Fusilli con il buco

Here is a bronze-drawn type of pasta that will inspire you to try new recipes and condiments. In fact, Pasta Sarubbi’s Fusilli con il buco are going to make your dish look amazing.
The Fusilli’s spiral thick shape has a hollow center. In this way, the slow-dried pasta can keep your dish moist for longer than standard fusilli.
Pair them up with delicate tomato sauces and high-quality, fresh ingredients for the best results.

But more importantly, prepare yourself for a unique combination of flavors.

Mezzi paccheri rigati

Pasta Sarubbi’s Mezzi paccheri rigati bring the Neapolitan tradition to your plates. By following the centuries-old tradition, Sarubbi makes them with durum wheat semolina and pure water only.
The short, ridged shape holds heavier sauces perfectly. So, you can also pair them with seafood and cheese sauces.

Besides, each pasta piece is big enough for practical serving sizes.
For more delightful recipes, stuff each piece with sausage and garlic to prepare a typical Neapolitan recipe. Then, top the bronze-drawn Mezzi paccheri with tomato sauce.


Choose Pasta Sarubbi’s Conchiglioni for recipes that require a superior consistency. As the Italian name implies, this bronze-drawn, slow-dried pasta resembles big seashells.
The shell shape and the size make Conchiglioni the ideal candidate for delicious baked delicacies.

Of course, you can serve them with meat, fish, and vegetables as well.
Be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging until al dente. Alternatively, use them for one-pot recipes or casserole with fresh ricotta and spinach.


Pasta Sarubbi’s Scialatielli are inspired by the typical pasta of Southern Italy. You can use them for succulent meat dishes, seafood, and vegetable-based courses.
The uneven strands of pasta give you an authentic feel of the artisan craftsmanship of pasta-making experts.

Plus, Scialatielli melts in perfect harmony with the other flavors of the recipe.
This type of pasta stands out for the high-quality durum wheat flour.

Plus, they are on limited production to give you only the best Neapolitan pasta.

Paccheri lisci

Without a doubt, Paccheri lisci are ideal for comfort food recipes and thick sauces. Pasta Sarubbi offers two varieties of paccheri.

As the name implies, this one has a smooth texture.Each pasta piece is made of 100% semolina wheat.

The bronze drawing and slow drying process at low temperatures ensure firmness while cooking and baking.
Layer al dente paccheri in an oven with béchamel sauce and tomato or meat sauce. For true pasta lovers, there are no better alternatives than this flavor powerhouse.